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you're the only real thing I ever touched

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i challenge your heart                       you challenge my heart
to bathe in a cold grey sun                   with warm welcomes
and still alight                                       with bitter farewells
with one touch of mine              and not one touch of yours

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Philomela (Φιλομήλα, Philomel); Princess of Athens.

Philomela and Procne were the daughters of King Pandion of Athens. Procne was married to Tereus, King of Thrace. After five years of marriage, Procne asked permission to see her sister again, and Tereus set sail for Athens to retrieve her. Upon seeing Philomela, Tereus was gripped with lust. On returning to Thrace, he raped Philomela and cut out her tongue, so she could tell no one what he had done.

Philomela wove her story into a tapestry, and sent it to her sister. Procne deciphered the tale and took revenge on her husband, cooking their son Itys into a pie and feeding it to the king. When Tereus discovered her treachery, he pursued the two sisters, intending to kill them. But the Gods intervened, turning Procne and Philomela into a swallow and a nightingale, so they might fly away and be free.

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